Go get it.


Over the past week myself or my other half has had to pick me up off the floor (Yes from crying) . It has been an emotional and stressful week. We have had extremely low lows and not so many highs. and you know what? that’s ok, this is life, and thank-god for him, he has been my rock and pillar of strength. Sometimes we need that person, and we need that help to dust ourselves off and carry on.  Sometimes we need to put our pride aside and sayIMG_3747 I’m not ok, but once your up you need to go out there! You cannot ly in a slump and let it get the better of you.

Something has stuck with me and weighed in on my heart and that is- you cannot wait around for opportunities, you cannot wait around for people. If you want something bad enough you need to go out there and get it. If you are constantly worrying about the future you wont focus and put effort into the present. If you are constantly waiting for the “right time”or waiting for someone to get back to you,you will be waiting your life away. You need to make that right time or call that person. You cannot be dependent on other people for what you need. Be pro-active in what you do, your worrying will be come less as you start doing these things. Everything will start falling into place when you take that initial step of taking control of your own life and not letting anyone else determine your success. In the words of Trent Shelton “The world doesn’t owe you nothing, but you, you owe you everything.” You need to believe in yourself and your own decisions. You have what you need inside you. Use it.

Enjoy the little victories in your everyday life, if it’s completing a project or lifting more at the gym, give yourself credit.

Now go out there and take that opportunity.

XOXO Sammy


#________ Goals..

This is one thing that has been on my mind over the past couple of months, and something short and sweet, but I really hope it helps you! I know that we are all guilty at some point for doing it, but it is actually becoming a problem.

Girls and Guys all over the world post these pictures that say #relationshipgoals #friendshipgoals and I have even seen #familygoals, like really? you want a new family? come on…your-worth.

We need to remember that all of these pictures with these hashtags on them, are just that, pictures. It is becoming the norm that girls and guys are wishing for other lives. But why would you? Every choice you have made and every happy memory would be gone if you had that “fake life”. In society today, there is so much pressure to be perfect, but YOU are perfect, just the way YOU are.

We need to start learning self-acceptance, and taking our own photos and putting them up and hash-tagging it with these phrases and stop wanting
other peoples lives, and sharing this fake stuff. because some of them aren’t even real! The life you have is magic and you can make it beautiful just by simple choice that you make in your every day life. knowing-your-worthYou need to realize that YOU are enough, and if anyone makes you feel like your not, well tell them to “insert word here” off, because you are! You always have been, and you always will be. You need to surround yourself with the people that mak
e you happy and build you up. Be careful that you do not see yourself through the eyes of those who do not value you. Know your worth, and don’t accept anything below it!! Once you start seeing your worth, you will stop hanging around those negative people and you will see how you will blossom.

I believe in you, and know that you are worth more than you think you are.


Take the time…

As some of you may know, if you follow my instagram account @sammyheartsthis I have been in Dubai for a couple of days and I must say, this has been one of the craziest trips to date. I hit the ground running as I was competing in a show and he48ce3ccaf6db69c58f829294127d59dad to get the horse that I was riding ready, I then went out with some friends, went to the Ripe
market and we went away for a night to a beautiful resort that felt like we were in the Mediterranean and went on a yacht around the Dubai waters. All of this will be in a blog later on this week 😉 But in-between these 4 days (Thurs-Sun), I was so sick and caught a bite of really bad flu, and there is nothing worse than trying to get ready for a show in-between the crazy time limits and activities than flu.

BUT….By some miracle I managed to get time for myself, even if it was a brisk walk around the resort or while I was walking to my practice arena on a horse. Lately I am finding that so many people in my everyday life that I come across are just going from one stop to the next or pay cheque to pay cheque or even month to month. That is no way to live a life that you have been given. You need to spend some time on yourself and with the people that you love. One of my tips for YOU-TIME is each and every day set aside 5 minutes for yourself to reflect on your day and take all the positives from it, don’t dwell on the negatives, and a tip for when you out with friends or family is you all put your phones on the table and the first one to pick up their phone pays for the next round of drinks.
I think sometimes we get so caught up in our lives that we tend to forget the small things. I unfortunately don’t have international roaming, so I work off wi-fi, but it has been such an eye-opener, especially in Dubai, to see how people are plastered on their phones, be it instagraming, tweeting or Facebook, and they are missing out on so much that is happening right in front of them. Since I started blogging my phone has become more of a camera than anything else, and now that I don’t use my phone out of wi-fi spots there is so much more beauty that I am seeing right in front of me and I get to capture those moments 🙂

I found these beautiful photos on Pinterest and it just goes to show how much you can miss if you don’t just look up.

Don’t be that person on their phone while they are out, put your phone down and take in everything that is around you.

Give it a go 🙂



So if you are anything like me, you know that its hard to get back into a routine, but once I am in it, it’s hard to stop. Some of you have been back at work for a while, but me? I am currently waiting for my visa, I was a sports teacher last year ascalendar well as a competitive horse rider and studying, so I had to be extremely organized and ran my life on time schedules and routines, since I resigned at the end of last year to be with my partner, I was meant to move to Port Elizabeth with him, and due to unforeseen circumstances it changed and that has now changed and we off to the UK (He has a British passport) … so I am in limbo and finding it extremely hard to wake up just to sit and wait. We all go through a stage in our lives when we are kind of in a slump and unmotivated. You feel over-whelmed and just bleh…. I am still doing long distance studying, but that only starts on the 1st of February. To help the “slump” I have done some research and I am going to give some of these a try. These are just little things to help you (and me) get back into the swing of things before varsity starts, or if you going back to work a little later.

1. So first and foremost you need to actually admit that you need a routine. I need to be in a routine, I love being busy. So set a time that you will wake up every morning and start your day. At the beginning of the year, since its summer in South Africa, I enjoy waking up earlier to catch the sunrise while I drink coffee and have my breakfast.

2. Try and work-out in the morning. It gets those creative juiceSunrises flowing and it oxygenates your blood helping you for your busy day ahead. You feel so good afterwards as well. BONUS.

3. Ok so obviously we need to be organised if we want to have a routine, I am not one to remember absolutely everything, so a diary is probably a good idea, otherwise I would definitely forget special dates and occasions…so start writing down to-do lists. For your day, for the week and even the month. You need some kind of guidance for your day so this will really help get a little perspective. Try keeping Friday’s quiet, so you have time to relax or be social.

4. When I register with my University each year, I get a free calendar. It is the best! It’s a really big one and I stick it on my wall, so its eays to see and always in my peripheral vision. You can write down anniversaries, birth dates, exam dates and any other special occasions, and they will be right there, just waiting for you to look at them 😉

5. Use your strengths and weakness, I have seen this advice on matodolistny blogs and didn’t really understand how to incorporate this into a routine, but now I do (Qu lightbulb). I study way better in the evening, so I use my evenings for that and to do anything else I may want to do, like setting out outfits for the next day, planning the day ahead or setting up socials. It differs from person to person, so if you are a morning person, do these things in the morning and exercise in the afternoon. It’s all about what suits you at the end of the day.

6. Set yourself realistic goals, we aren’t superwoman, as the famous saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, so don’t make lists that just end up stressing you out even more than necessary. Give yourself time to do each thing on your to-do list, and give time for traffic, and then you won’t run late, and may even have some time just to have that extra-long bath or better yet, be on time 😉 YAY!!

7. After a long day, a bubble bath is needed with a good book, some candles and wine J if you struggle to fall asleep, like I do, I found this routine to help. It was found by a medical practitioner from Harvard. It’s called 4,7,8. You breathe in for 4 seconds with your tongue pressed against the top of your pallet behind your teeth, hold for 7 seconds and breathe out fast for 8 seconds. Don’t do this more than 3 times a night. After a few evenings you will see how it slows your heart rate and helps your body to relax. Its just fabulous darling 😉

I hope these things help you as much as they are going to help me getting back into a routine 🙂

Have fun Beautiful


7 Things to leave behind in 2015 to have a better 2016…

So going in to 2016 I think there are a lot of people out there reminiscing on their 2015. This is not a bad thing, however, there are something you should leave in 2015 to get to a better you in 2016. Because at the end of the day, your biggest rival is yourself. Here are a few things I feel should be left.a09db165ccef1a8a495c900f07544803


1. Regret

We all have regret’s, that’s only human, but going into 2016 lets leave them behind. You don’t need them, those decisions and choices are what made you and got you to where you are. In 2016 you will have some regrets, but don’t bring the ones from 2015 into it. In the words of Princess Elsa… “Let it  gooooooooooooo”..

2. Bad relationships

Be it a friend, or boyfriend. Don’t take these relationships into 2016 if they impact your life negatively. If you have a friend that constantly questions you and the decisions you make (I had one of these) you eventually don’t have self-confidence to actually do it yourself and make decisions. You need to be confident in the decisions you make, and a person like this will only contribute negativity. Don’t let anyone change your decision by guilt tripping you. I have found that taking emotion out of decision making is the best. You need to think what’s best for you, and the situation you are in. Don’t let anyone change that. Don’t let any negativity in a friendship be at the cost of your happiness.ac4d4d144ab16d25faee2091757f65aa

3. Bad habits

LEAVE THEM BEHIND!!! Start the year fresh. Don’t take those habits with. Whether it be a bad habit in the sport you do, or drinking too much or smoking. Leave it in 2015, try make this year a healthy one, one that you kick bad habits in the ass and move on up. The rewards will be endless when it comes to your body and how you feel physically and emotionally.

4. Bad eating

It is so easy to fall into this trap, I wasn’t allowed to exercise at the end of last year due to a serious back injury, I got depressed, and I was in exams to top it off. I just ate and ate, and it made me feel terrible about myself. It was a snack here and there and I didn’t realise how much it affected me until I started my healthy eating again. It was honestly amazing. You are able to think properly and be mentally present, as often you will eat badly and you cannot concentrate because of all the sugar in your body. EAT HEALTHY J


5. Me-time

I can tell you now you probably didn’t have much of this last year? Make time this year for yourself, make yourself a priority. It’s not selfish, its necessary. Set aside an hour or two twice a week to do something that you love. Go for a walk on the beach or a cycle around your suburb. Read a book or go sit in a park. Sometimes us girls just need time to ourselves, just to think, and pamper yourself once a month. You will feel great about yourself and refreshed.

6. Explore12c21cb5c0fe8f495288b67abbeed444

Instead of going out for that run just to Instagram a picture, put your phone down and BE present in the moment. There are so many beautiful things that you haven’t seen yet because we are stuck in a rut. Get out and be active, leave the phone in your pocket and take it all in. I promise you, you will be thankful for doing it.

7. Over-thinking

I am a champ at doing this; I over-analyse and think of so many scenarios that in a space of 5 minutes I can go from rational to irrational. The best advice I got (mom knows best 😉 ) is to put all your situations into different jars in your mind, then put those jars on a shelf and leave them there, then set aside 15minutes to take that jar down and think about that situation but ONLY for 15minutes and then put it away. We over-think and over-analyse and we just put ourselves under unnecessary stress. Try doing this. It works J


In 2016, I hope that all of you have a successful and prosperous year.