Fall Fashion

October 4, 2017

Fall Fashion

So if you’re anything like me – a beach bum at heart and getting to fall gives you anxiety, than look no further as I have some exciting things in store for you. Im that Saffa girl who is on the beach whenever she can and always has tan lines (when I still lived there, now I’m pale af) our Christmas in South Africa is in Summer and then there is nothing to look forward to come winter in June/July, but I have come to the realisation…. SANTA IS COMING in WINTER in December!!! So its a win win over here in the UK. You have Europe right here for Summer and when it gets cold it means Christmas is coming. I am an absolute Christmas freak and I have already started looking at decor options, presents, trees, candles, my poor other half doesn’t know what he’s in for this year…

Before we get there (and there will be many Christmas blogs to come) we have to focus on fall fashion, right? I do love the light jerseys, leggings, cute jumpers and cowboy boots. So here are a few of my fave inspo pics for this fall.



I also have a very exciting new Fashion series Vlog which I am currently working on. Keep your eyes peeled beauties <3


XOXO Sammy


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