Hello you Majestic Creature,

So, My name is Sammy. Just your every day kinda girl with big hopes and dreams, I am a fashion & beauty blogger.  I moved around South Africa while growing up and last year found myself on a little island called Jersey, which is in the UK but closer to the coast of France , but now we are in Worcester ( SA peeps, its the UK one not the Cape one )  Why am I here you may ask? Well my other half is a professional Rugby Player and this is where his career has taken him.

I started this blog because, well, why not? I love sharing experiences and weird things I may try (Insert hand over face emoji here), seriously, you have no idea. Just have a look at my Amour Noir mask review , But the feedback I get from my readers is the best thing I could ask for.

I am also a horse-rider and coffee addict… Like, don’t talk to me before I have had my coffee (unless you have Krispy Kreme’s )

So if you would like to join in on the fun and get news on the latest fashion from some of the UK’s biggest online retail stores, hit the subscribe button.

XOXO Sammy

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